Our business

Our business consist in:

  • Organising production of the legal tender coins under orders of cooperating Central Banks.
  • incorporated in Switzerland (canton Zurich),
  • having the corporate status of a Joint Stock company (Aktion Gesellschaft)
  • Collector legal tender coin programs initiated by the International Coin House AG in cooperation with the Central Banks complex organisation and coordination of all the stages - from designing and product development, through production, up to distribution (based on exclusivity rights).
  • Developing coin programs for external Partners.
  • Participation in the international programs organised by external partners.
  • Developing bullion coin programs.
  • Wholesale of collector coins.

Our advantages:

  • Independence delivering the best market solution,
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in the collector markets (our cooperators have been for almost 10 years in the "first row" of the international collector market)
  • Artistic and best quality products,
  • Trust, reliability and highest efficiency,
  • Innovative solutions (new technologies, ideas and services).