Commercial success and Fortune
Commercial success and Fortune Commercial success and Fortune

Commercial success and Fortune

General information



On the coin the Wheel of Fortune and the baton of Mercury, on the glass insert in the central part of the coin the Western Hemisphere. On the right hand-side the coat of arms of the Republic of North Macedonia and "2019" - the year of the issue, around the coin the inscription "REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA", at the bottom: "100 DENARS".


In Roman mythology Mercury was considered as a god of communication, travellers, luck and commercial success as well as the god of paths and roads. In the central part of the coin there is Mercury on the left and Fortune on the right, on the glass insert the Eastern Hemisphere. Mercury is depicted with a rod, winged helmet and sandals, Fortune with a horn of plenty. Below the glass insert there is an anchor as a symbol of good luck. The anchor, according to the sages of the Ancient world, personifies such properties as safety, loyalty, salvation, hope, strength and caution. The gears are symbol of celestial mechanics and astrology. At the top of the coin there is a drawing of handshake - union of Mercury and Fortune. Below a ship and a train as symbols of paths and roads. On the lower part of the coin, on right hand-side a hallmark "Ag925". Around the coin inscription: "COMMERCIAL SUCCESS AND FORTUNE".

Coin specification
Issuer Republic of Macedonia
Face Value 100 MKD
Metal Ag 925
Weight 21,20 g
Dimensions 38,61 mm
Edge Milled
Quality Proof with pad printing, glass
Year of issue 2019
Mintage Up to 7 000
Order Tel.: +41 52 202 4 283
Fax: +41 52 202 4 203
Email: office@intercoinhouse.eu
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